FAIR VISION Sports Technology Company

FAIR VISION is a sports technology Start-Up born in 2018 with the ambition to democratize the most recent DeepTech technologies and make them accessible to all athletes and their ecosystem, starting with that of football.


We offer an original solution combining Deep Learning and photovoltaic energy in a system of intelligent cameras which can be deployed on any sports ground to film in 4K resolution and automatically measure the individual and collective performances of athletes.


Through our simple and interactive platform, our ambition is to provide not only the videos of the matches, but also the physical and metric data of the teams and players.


FAIR VISION is the true vision of the performance of players on the pitch


Our goal is to not only allow athletes to improve their performance but also to provide educators and coaches with an innovative support mechanism as well as accurate performance measurements.

The platform, which is being finalized with the support of our partners, remains now and always attentive to your needs.


Updates are regularly made to the many features, which can be viewed on a computer, tablet and smartphone.